6 Helpful Tips when Dealing with Braces – Orthodontist Anchorage

If you have been wearing braces for what seems like a majority of your life, then you are certainly desperate to learn the different tips on how to get them off faster. We all know that getting that perfect pearly whites need you to be patient since there are no immediate solutions to your problem.

Your trusted Orthodontist Anchorage definitely knows best and they are determined to give you the Hollywood smile you’ve always dreamed of. For that reason, you’re going to deal with having braces for the meantime.

However, don’t feel down because there are some tips on how to speed up the process. All you have to do is understand and follow these tips so that these metals can get off faster!

1. Don’t Chew Gum or Candies

If you have very little patience and you can’t wait for your teeth to straighten, then you should certainly cooperate with your orthodontists. Most of the time, you’re given a set of rules on what foods to avoid. Usually, this list includes hard candies, gummy bears, gooey chocolate bars and most especially, gum.

It may be a bit hard but you have to take out these delicious treats from your diet. Chewing on these kinds of candies will surely prolong your treatment as they can bend the wire or pull your teeth in the wrong direction.

2. Keep the Elastics On

When you’re already far in your treatment, then you’ll probably have to wear elastics on some of your teeth. Yes, this can be hard to always keep on and you tend to forget them, but they sure do have a reason to be there!

For that reason, you have to ensure that you’ll follow all the rules by keeping them on except for eating. By doing so, your treatment will go by the book, making you move on to the next step in no time!

3. Chop Up Your Food

As you’re all aware, biting food when you have braces on is a complete no-no. Just imagine how agonising it would be when biting the apple. That’s why you’re recommended to chop up your food into smaller bite-size pieces. Not only will it relieve the pain when tightening the metals, but this will speed up the process by protecting these braces.

4. Don’t Miss Your Appointments

When you delay your appointments, the more time you’ll spend with your metals on. If you want to lessen your trip to the clinic then you have to be fully committed! The more effort you exert in this whole process, the faster you’ll be set free!

5. Always Brush and Floss Your Teeth

The most important thing to remember in this process is taking good care of your pearly whites. Even though there are so many wires covering the surface of your dentures, it’s still essential to keep them in their best shape. The healthier your teeth and gums are, the faster your orthodontist will remove the braces.

6. Never Chew Ice

It may sound a bit weird, but most people enjoy munching ice during summertime. This may be refreshing but chewing on ice is indeed bad for your teeth and even worse for those with braces. Ice causes the wires to break, making it more painful. In addition to that, this can be chaotic for the whole treatment by setting up another appointment to have them fixed.

Having your teeth straightened can really be a very long and time-consuming process. But the results are certainly worth it! All you have to do is get the best quality dental care here in Orthodontist Anchorage and follow our tips. Without a doubt, you’ll get that perfect smile you’ve been dreaming about.

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