Your Best Oral Care Options – Orthodontist Anchorage

Not all sets of teeth are created equal. Each person has a set slightly different from others, therefore, a wide range of treatment techniques are available to fix various teeth and jaw problems.

Orthodontist Anchorage experts explain that orthodontic care specialises in dento-facial orthopaedics and jaw development. Orthodontists aim to help patients achieve beautiful smiles and good bites. The job entails straightening your teeth so that they mesh well with the teeth in the opposite jaw, thus, a great looking you.

Did you know that there are numerous forms of dental treatments and appliances available in the market today? It would help to know the facts to help you make an informed decision once you decide to undergo orthodontic care and treatment.

Often times, people use the term ‘orthodontic appliance’ and ‘orthodontic ‘brace’ interchangeably. It refers to a device that applies force onto your teeth. It gradually moves and aligns the teeth and also corrects the bite. More specifically, functional appliances are removable. They shift teeth and align the jaws using the muscle action produced as you chew, speak and swallow.

Braces could either be fixed or removable. Removable appliances are those that include aligners and the simple conventional types as well. Fixed appliances are the most popular type. They come in a wide variety such as metal, ceramic or the tooth colored, and the lingual braces or those fitted behind your teeth.

When the orthodontic treatment is done, wearing of a retainer is highly recommended no matter which type of appliance you have worn and what age bracket you happen to be in. Retainers are not considered orthodontic appliances since they don’t move the teeth.

But their importance lies in the fact that they help prevent your teeth to move once your braces are removed. Retainers stabilize your teeth so that the surrounding soft and hard tissues can adjust to the new dental alignment.

For a more severe problem like a large discrepancy between the jaws, an orthodontic treatment or surgery would be required where either the upper, lower, or both jaws need repositioning.

The latest development in orthodontics today is the use of mini implants, known as Temporary Anchorage Devices or TADs. These are tiny titanium alloy screws placed between the roots of the teeth or in the roof of the mouth and connected to a fixed brace. Serving as an anchor point in your jaw, TAD helps move your teeth.

Now that you’re presented with a variety of options, quality dental care need not be difficult to achieve.

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