The Real Deal Behind Orthodontic Braces

Orthodontic braces have existed ever since the first orthodontist Anchorage has been recognized. These devices are used for various cases, most importantly to correct misaligned teeth. More so, numerous myths have been arising regarding braces as well. To clear out some issues, this article provides some of those myths as well as the facts behind it.

MYTH: When two people with braces kiss, they can be locked to one another.

FACT:    Thanks to technology, braces today have been greatly polished that being tangled to one another is so unlikely to happen.


MYTH:  You can’t play a musical instrument when you’re wearing braces.

FACT:    This is totally fallacious. An orthodontist Anchorage would never do something that can restrict a person from playing his favorite musical instrument. Adjustment periods, which take place on the first few days after the braces, have been installed, could be dealt with. Nevertheless, the adjustment period is very quick. After a few weeks, the person can once again play his favorite musical instrument.


MYTH: You get higher chances of being struck by lightning when you’re wearing braces.

FACT:    Again, this statement is entirely false. Whether you’re wearing braces or not, the chances of being hit by lightning is still the same. Braces may contain metal, which an electric conductor, however, the amount of metal is not sufficient to attract lightning.


MYTH: Braces can set an alarm to metal detectors in places with high level of security (airports, bus stations, malls).

FACT:    Braces are composed of light materials, hence, interference is unlikely to occur. Unless you’re carrying guns and sharp metal objects, you’ll pass these detectors without any questions from security personnel.


MYTH: Braces can rust while orthodontic treatment is underway.

FACT:    There is no chance for braces to rust since it’s made of titanium alloy, a strong metal where rusting is impossible to happen. It does not matter how long you wear braces; it would still look great on you.


MYTH: Braces are only for adults.

FACT:    False. The American Association of Orthodontists even recommends parents to send their kids to an orthodontist Anchorage at the age of 7 to determine if braces are already needed. More and more children today start wearing braces.


MYTH: Wearing braces is painful and takes a long time for the treatment process to be completed.

FACT:    Perhaps ‘discomfort’ is the right word to use instead of ‘pain’. A few days after wearing braces, a mild discomfort may be felt due to the oral cavity adjusting to the changes. But there’s no need to worry, this discomfort subsides right away. Many patients also complete the treatment process for as short as six months.

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