Important Reminders After An Orthodontic Procedure

You’ve finally completed the orthodontic treatment and the braces have been successfully installed by the orthodontist Anchorage. Everything is over, right? Wrong! The main procedure may have been completed but it’s just the beginning of the treatment process.

The technology in orthodontics today has reached greater heights and a wide range of procedures has been developed. Not only do these procedures get to treat more patients; these procedures are more comfortable to receive as well. Still, it doesn’t change the fact that patients undergoing these procedures should be responsible enough in following what the orthodontist instructed. Most patients fail to follow post-procedure instructions like avoiding certain foods or having a follow-up appointment.

Once the devices, like the braces, have been installed, small ledges and corners will be made and poor maintenance can lead to the accumulation of food to these corners. Ignoring this problem can result to more problems like gingivitis or dental caries. This is where proper brushing and flossing become extremely important to make sure that no other problems will take place. To avoid any breakages of the device, it’s vital to follow the right steps in brushing and flossing your teeth.

Your toothpaste should have sufficient fluoride content. In some cases, the orthodontist Anchorage will prescribe one. To avoid foods from accumulating to your braces, always brush your teeth properly after every meal. You should also brush your teeth before you go to sleep.

First, brush the outer portion of your teeth 10 times. The same instruction is applied to the teeth’s inner portion. Don’t forget to brush the area where your teeth and your gums meet. Brushing should be done in a circular motion. Finally, rinse your entire mouth with clean water.

A person who takes good care of his health is fully aware that brushing alone will not suffice. Flossing should be included when taking care of your oral health. Since there are so many areas between the teeth which cannot be cleaned by a toothbrush, flossing should be done to resolve this problem. For those with braces, a threader will be provided by the orthodontist.

Flossing your teeth should be done carefully. Being reckless can cause damages to your braces. To floss safely, floss into the threader. Afterward, slip it right behind the archwire. Pull floss between two adjacent teeth as well as the area underneath the gum margins. Just like in brushing, don’t forget to rinse your entire mouth with clean water.

There are orthodontists who prescribe a special type of mouthwash for proper rinsing. This product usually contains nutrients that reduce the chances of cavity formation. Normally, a mouthwash should be used twice a day and rinsing should be done for two minutes.

These are basic reminders that a patient should strictly follow after undergoing an orthodontic procedure. There are those severe cases where a surgical procedure is required as a last resort. Patients undergoing surgical orthodontic procedures have added instructions which should also be strictly followed. Get your total dental care today!

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