The Vital Role Of An Orthodontist

No matter how healthy we are, time will always come when we get sick. This also applies to our oral caOrthodontist Anchoragevity. Whether our oral cavity is healthy or not, it will experience a problem at some point. This problem may be dental caries, misaligned teeth, teeth protrusion and even more serious conditions affecting our jaws. There are cases when a regular dentist wouldn’t suffice to fix oral cavity problems. Sometimes, an orthodontist Anchorage is needed for the right treatment to be given. So what is the role of this dental professional?

Most of the time, it’s the family dentist who will refer you to an orthodontist. The family dentist assesses the problem in your oral cavity and if he has confirmed that the treatment method does not allow him to implement it, he’ll make a referral note indicating the best orthodontist who’ll fix the problem.

An orthodontist Anchorage treats abnormalities related to tooth development. Furthermore, he takes care of jaw problems as well. After evaluating the condition, the orthodontist determines the kind of orthodontic treatment needed. There are times when they need to extract one or more teeth. Afterward, they start the orthodontic procedure such as installing devices like braces or retainer.

The devices that an orthodontist uses may be a removable type or permanently attached to the teeth. These devices are installed to the patient to fix cases like jaw problems, misaligned teeth, any protrusions noted and many more. They are also utilized to assist the development of facial and oral muscles. These braces and retainers also become valuable to kids who are undergoing growth spurt.

An orthodontist Anchorage can also play the role of a cosmetic dentist or someone who performs procedures for aesthetic purposes. There are patients who want their smiles to look better. This can be attained by straightening their teeth and making sure that the teeth is in line with the mouth’s arch. But most of the time, orthodontic procedures are implemented for multiple reasons often touching on aesthetics and functionality.

There are individuals who suffer severe jaw problems. These cases once again, require the role of the orthodontist. But this time, the professional will perform a surgical procedure. Aside from severe jaw problems, severe malocclusion cases may also need surgical treatment.

When malocclusion is severe, the orthodontist performs orthognatic surgery. This is done by cutting the bones near the jaw and bone segments are repositioned. The jaw is restructured when the procedure is done. Although surgery is a recommended treatment for severe jaw problem, this is only performed among adults since the jaws of these patients have stopped growing unlike those on children. But before undergoing an orthodontic surgical procedure, it’s highly recommended to get a second opinion from another orthodontist.

An orthodontist Anchorage has a vital role in the society. Without orthodontics, many people today would be hesitant to smile in front of other people. There may even be those who would refuse to face the crowd due to untreated oral cavity problems. So, if you have problems with your teeth, it’s important to see your family dentist. You’ll never know if your case can only be resolved by visiting an orthodontist.

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